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Apt. Correos 262

Camino Hornillos S/N - 46960 - Aldaia ( Valencia )

Tel. 96 151 08 95   -   Fax. 96 325 75 63

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A family based company that began in 1988 in the recycling of Big Bags, with the purpose of giving them a longer life and to collaborate in the elimination of waste residues.

 Later, we commercialized all kinds of sacks and big bags, provided that the previous step contributed us a great experience and knowledge of the packaging and its market, matter that currently we apply with the strictest quality conditions.

To be a family, with wide facilities of 5.000 m2 in property and an adjusted work margin, allows us to give to our customers an offer quality – price practically unbeatable.
Take advantage of our offer of free sample and do not let you to be influenced by our low price, given that our quality corresponds with a higher price, and you can benefit from this, try us.

Our products have ISO 9001 is ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and declaration of conformity for contact with food and feed
ADR Certificate for content toxic, hazardous and asbestos

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